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2020-2021 wins

Updated 20.09.20

Beer Garden2016 (G. by Proisir - There's No Doubt)D Butler & G CunninghamJ TanSING R51 120019.09.2020
Family Leader2014 (G. by Makfi - Egeria)Mrs G E Boucher, M J Gatt, I E McCarrison, B McDonald & P A MoroneyC FownesHKJC C4 160013.09.2020
Fighting Fire2016 (G. by Fighting Sun - Ruby Ninetails)Mr W Comerford, Mr A J WheatlandS MarshTaupo MDN 130013.09.2020
Calm Seeker2017 (C. by Complacent - Attention Seeker)G R Cunningham & M JamiesonM KroppToowoomba BM65 164012.09.2020
Oceanographer2017 (C. by Ocean Park - Hanabananah)Nearco StudC Maher & D EustaceSNDWN MDN 160009.09.2020
Glorious Ocean2015 (M. by Ocean Park - Que Sera)D Butler & G Cunningham)S MarshCJC R67 140029.08.2020
Penelope Cruise2015 (M. by Ocean Park - Floridita)Tic Toc ThoroughbredsA SharrockTaranaki RC BM93 180028.08.2020
Annavisto2017 (F. by Reliable Man - Avisto)Nearco Stud LtdM Price & M Kent JrMRC MDN 120027.08.2020
El Chapo2014 (G. by Niagara - Italian Princess)G CunninghamJ LimSING Class 5 H., 120023.08.2020
Power Rush2015 (M. by Power - Made of Tralee)Grand Vue Lodge SyndicateR & L PriceMRYA C3 102016.08.2020
Mission Dragon2016 (G. by Reliable Man - Skeena)Onyx ThoroughbredsPLEMACAU 150016.08.2020
He Kin Fly2012 (G. by Darci Brahma - Shi Kin Fly)Cambridge Hunt LtdN RidleyCJC R94 1200m15.08.2020
Aimee's Jewel2016 (M. by Proisir-Aimee's Idol)Suncroft BloodstockT KeeganEgmont RC 1200m08.08.20
Rockness Angel2016 (M. by Fastnet Rock - Necessary Evil)Arkle BloodstockT BartleyScone RC MDN 1300m04.08.2020


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